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Reply by eDiver on June 23, 2010 at 9:39 am
aha976 said "I have log-in using my ID created account and from my ID we go to store to buy 3 quantity of 300 bubbles, then my friend enter his credit card account number and successfully paid the payment, and until now I am still waiting for my activation code, please help my email address is aha976@yahoo.com, please provide also your direct contact and email address so we can easily discuss our issue because after we paid the payment slip shows your email address service@divenav.com and I email my concern but it bounce back to me with a invalid email address. Thanks and hoping to hear from you soon."

as EXPLAINED in this topic, you can enroll in a class using either Bubble Credits or Activation Codes.

When you buy Bubble Credits ... your receive from us .... Bubble Credits and NOT an activation code !

Also, you had your friend purchasing for you, but since your friend is not a registered user, we could not give Bubble Credits to him.

I added 900 Bubble Credits to your account. Use them to enroll in the class.

Alberto (aka eDiver)
Pro Plus 2 Online Class