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How much does a class cost?
Posted by eDiver on May 4, 2010 at 7:08 pm in Dive Computer Training - General Info
It depends .....
It depends on the type of class and how you enroll in it.

You can enroll in a class either by using Bubble Credits or by using an Activation Code.

If you enroll using Bubble Credits you can estimate the cost of the class assuming that 1 US$ will buy 100 Bubble Credits .... but .... as explained in this POST you can find/accumulate Bubble Credits other then buying them.

If You enroll in a class using an Activation Code ..... then the cost depends on your local dive store.
You can NOT buy Activation Codes from us ..... but You can get an Activation Code from a dive store; some dive stores will sell you the Activation Code at full price, others will sell you the Activation Code at discounted price and, lastly, some dive stores will give you a free Activation Code if you purchase a dive computer from them.
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