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Is there a way, someone can come up with sort or prize (like say 500 BC) for the diver with the longest average dive time to even things out a bit or...
07/31/10 1:33 am
by smarshall62
So far 112 raffle tickets for the dive trip on the Magician have been found ... and there are way many more tickets hidden around :-) The lucky win...
08/05/09 1:08 pm
by eDiver
During the month of June, 72 raffle tickets for the Magician were found and Ken has got the lucky one. So, soon Ken will be heading to California f...
07/10/09 7:41 am
by bunkerratt_mk1
Hi, the Magician Dive Boat is a very nice boat serving several dive sites in Southern California; from the Oil Rigs to Catalina and Farnsworth Bank....
06/14/09 10:20 am
by eDiver
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