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Dive Computer Classes
ComputerManufacturerStudentsCost ($US)
Veo 1 Crash Course Oceanic80 $2.99Enroll
Zoop Crash Course Suunto318 $2.99Enroll
Puck Crash Course Mares198 $2.99Enroll
Gekko Suunto290 $5.99Enroll
XR-1 Aeris407 $5.99Enroll
Veo 100 Oceanic1337 $5.99Enroll
B.U.D. Oceanic406 $5.99Enroll
A100 Aeris339 $5.99Enroll
XP-10 SUBGEAR710 $6.99Enroll
XR-1 Nx Aeris707 $6.99Enroll
Mission Puck Mares1682 $6.99Enroll
Atmos AI Aeris723 $6.99Enroll
Veo 1 Oceanic1309 $6.99Enroll
Intro to D.C. - Oceanic Oceanic243 $6.99Enroll
Intro to D. C. - Suunto Suunto205 $6.99Enroll
Aladin 2G ScubaPro531 $7.99Enroll
Manta Aeris954 $7.99Enroll
Geo Oceanic168 $7.99Enroll
Zoop Suunto3485 $7.99Enroll
Cobra 1 Suunto880 $7.99Enroll
Vyper Suunto790 $7.99Enroll
XR-2 Aeris171 $7.99Enroll
Puck Pro Mares243 $7.99Enroll
Veo 2 Oceanic1827 $8.99Enroll
D4 Suunto499 $8.99Enroll
Veo 250 Oceanic131 $8.99Enroll
A300 Aeris282 $8.99Enroll
A300XT Aeris142 $8.99Enroll
Atom 3 Oceanic1473 $9.99Enroll
Cobra 3 Suunto653 $9.99Enroll
Veo 3 Oceanic946 $9.99Enroll
Pro Plus 2 Oceanic3335 $9.99Enroll
Zen Tusa375 $9.99Enroll
Geo 2 Oceanic4196 $9.99Enroll
Leonardo Cressi2582 $9.99Enroll
A300 AI Aeris235 $9.99Enroll
Giotto Cressi583 $9.99Enroll
D4i Suunto279 $9.99Enroll
Pro Plus 3 Oceanic966 $9.99Enroll
D6 Suunto476 $10.99Enroll
Amphos Air Sherwood162 $10.99Enroll
VT 3 Oceanic568 $10.99Enroll
Vyper Air Suunto905 $10.99Enroll
Wisdom 3 Sherwood332 $10.99Enroll
OCS Oceanic383 $11.99Enroll
Icon HD Mares339 $11.99Enroll
OCi Oceanic208 $11.99Enroll
VT 4 Oceanic1467 $12.99Enroll
D9 Suunto301 $13.99Enroll
Predator Shearwater352 $14.99Enroll
HelO2 Suunto118 $14.99Enroll
OC 1 Oceanic876 $14.99Enroll
Galileo Sol ScubaPro789 $14.99Enroll
DG05 Hollis84 $14.99Enroll